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Distributed and Mobile Computing Systems Research Group

Faculty Member:

Dr. D. Manivannan (Mani)

Our group consists of men and women with diverse background from the following eleven countries: Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Iraq, Jordan, Malaysia, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand and The USA.

Current Ph.D. Students:

Mr. Hassan Mistareehi - From Fall 2017.

Ms. Shafika Moni - From Fall 2018.

Graduated Ph.D. Students:

Dr. MD Tariqul Islam (Pavel) (Summer 2020)
Recipient of the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award from the Department as well as the College of Engineering.
Thesis title: Algorithms for Achieving Fault-tolerance and Ensuring Security in Cloud Computing Systems.
First appointment: Assistant Professor of Trustworthy Cyberspace at Syracuse University iSchool, ranked #2 in the Nation

Dr. Baban A. Mahmood (Fall 2016).
Thesis title: ``Routing and Security in Mobile Ad hoc Networks''.
First appointment: Chair, Department of Networking, College of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Kirkuk, the Flagship University of his Homeland.

Dr. Ahmed F. Ibrahim (Summer 2016, Co-chair, Chair: Prof. Mukesh Singhal).
Thesis title: "New Secure Solutions for Privacy and Access Control in Health Information Exchange"
First appointment: Assistant Professor, University of Virginia, the Flagship University of the Commonwealth of Virginia and The Most Valuable College for Computer Science in the USA.

Dr. Kiho Lim (Summer 2016).
Recipient of Kentucky Opportunity Fellowship.
Thesis title:``Secure and Authenticated Message Dissemination in Vehicular Networks and an Incentive-based Architecture for Vehicular Cloud''.
First appointment: Assistant Professor, University of South Dakota, the Flagship University of South Dakota. After three years, he moved here , to be near a big city.

Dr. Qiangfeng Jiang (Fall 2013).
Recipient of Dissertation year Fellowship.
Thesis title:``Algorithms for Fault Tolerance in Distributed Systems and Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks"
First appointment: Senior Software Engineer (Enterprise networks), Citix Systems Inc., Santa Clara, California.

Dr. Jiang Wu (Fall 2011).
Thesis title: ``Checkpointing and Recovery in Distributed and Database Systems''
First appointment: Data Warehouse Programmer/Analyst, Marshfield Clinic.

Dr. Yi Pike (Spring 2011).
Recipient of Dissertation year fellowship and Kentucky Opportunity Fellowship.
Thesis title: ``Communication-Induced Checkpointing and Recovery Protocols for Distributed Systems''
First Appointment: Turned down an Assistant Professor position and returned to the Flagship University of Kentucky as a Lecturer.

Dr. Karl Persson (Spring 2009).
Thesis title:``A Protocol Suite for Wireless Personal Area Networks''
First appointment: VP, E-commerce. President at Persson Consulting LLC.

Dr. Jianchang Yang (Fall 2006).
Recipient of Kentucky Opportunity Fellowship.
Thesis title: "Fault-Tolerant Distributed Channel Allocation Algorithms for Cellular Networks"
First appointment: Assistant Professor, SUNY Fredonia.

Graduated M.S. Students (Thesis Option):

Mr. James Bernsen (Summer 2011)
Thesis title: "A Reliability-based Routing Protocol for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks".
Software Developer and Integrator at USAA .

Graduated M.S. Students (Project Option):

Ms. Sriharitha Ambati (2016) Full Stack Developer .

Mr. Dawei Liu (2016). Software Engineer at Google, Mountain View, CA.

Ms. A. L. P. Harika (2016), Software Engineer at Amazon, Seattle, WA.

Mr. Anirban Chakraborty (2015), Full Stack Engineer(JAVA) at Samsung SDS

Mr. Vamsidhar Reddy Puttireddy (2015).

Ms. Remya Puthanthodiyil Janardanan (2014), Developer, Prepaid Ventures, LTD. / NexisCard.

Mr. Chao Shen (2013). Works for US Department of Defense.

Ms. Nithya Ganesh (2010), Senior Software Engineer.

Mr. Chun Lung Lim (2009), Sr. QA Manager at JPMorgan Chase & Co..

Ms. Cindy A. Burklow (2008). Chief Operating officer, Naprogenix Inc.

Mr. Raju Manchala (2007), Cloud Architect at Apttus .

Mr. Praveen Devabhaktuni(2006), Senior .NET Consultant.

Mr. Anjani Kumar Adusumilli (2006). Senior Solutions Architect at Thrivent

Dr. Zhongdong Huang (Ph.D in Electrical Engineering)(2004).

Mr. Vivek Kandiyanallur Dora (2004), Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft, Azure SQL DB.

Mr. Lei You (2004).

Dr. Chi Zhang (Ph.D in Physics) (2000), Associate Professor, Center for Plant Science Innovation, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Mr. Kaushal Mehta (1999), Manager, Maintenance Operations at Dialogic Networks.