Trunkles (Lexington-in-the-Bluegrass)

Source: Written in 2008 by Andy Klapper (Squash Beetle Morris).

Tune: Trunkles (Bledington) as A(ABC)4 (A=figures, B=crossing, C=stick crossing).

Tradition: Lexington-in-the-Bluegrass.

Formation: A set of 4.

Sequence: Once to Yourself, Up and out, Chorus, F-Gyp, Chorus, E-Gyp, Chorus, Pop-Tarts, Chorus.

Chorus: Consists of crossing by pairs then stick crossing.
Crossing: ds in place facing on diagonal; 2 big steps (LR) to go past the center of the set; Clash forehand high on the first step, continue in a roundhouse to backhand low on the second step; 2pb ftj, ending in diagonal opposite's place. NB: the first pb starts on the left foot. In all but the first chorus, spread the set big on the 2pb.
Stick crossing: Changes with each chorus

  1. passing: 4 changes of pass your stick to the right
  2. square: all toss across, all toss up and down, all toss across, all toss up and down
  3. diagonal: first corners toss, second corners toss, first corners toss, second corners toss
  4. double diagonal: both corners toss four times
Each chorus ends with 2pb ftj. All tosses are on beat 2 of the phrase, except second diagonals in the last chorus toss on beat 3.

Ending: 2pb, ftj to face up, turning on the j

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