The Pirate Dogs

Source: Written in 2006 by Andy Klapper and Judy Goldsmith (Squash Beetle Morris).

Tune: The Pirate King (by Sullivan) as A(AB)4 (A=figures, B=chorus).

Tradition: Lexington-in-the-Bluegrass.

Formation: A set of 4 or 6, sticks, long dance.

Sequence: Once to Yourself, Up and out, Chorus, F-Gyp, Chorus, E-Gyp, Chorus, Pop-Tarts, Chorus.

Chorus: ds across the set with a clash on 1. Turn right on the hop and ds around a loop away from the set (counterclockwise), coming back toward the set with 4 single steps (the loop is the knuckle of the dog bone). Repeat to return home, meeting partner in the middle with a clash on 1. The first loop should be large enough that you move briskly throughout the ds and 4 single steps, reaching the middle of the set on beat 1 of the first ds of the second half at full speed. At the end of the second half, replace the last 2 single steps with ftj. Reach your original home on the ftj (the second loop will be smaller than the first).
Tag: There is a tag at the end of the chorus: half the set turns to present bats high behind and above the head while the other half clashes. Then repeat with different people presenting. End with clashes across: fh tips; bh butts; fh tips, each clash with a plain caper (right, left, right).
Set of 4: first clash: bottoms present, tops clash; second clash: evens present, odds clash.
Set of 6: first clash: 3, 4, and 6 present, 1 clashes 3, 2 clashes 4, 5 clashes 6; second clash: 2, 5, and 6 present, 1 clashes 2, 3 clashes 5, 4 clashes 6.

Ending: Turn to face up on the last clash.

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