Hands Across the Pond

Source: Written in 2004 by Andy Klapper (Squash Beetle Morris). 

Tune:  as A(AB)4 (A=figures, B=chorus). (abc pdf)

Formation: Calling on, any even number of dancers.

Sequence: A part, B part repeated once for each dancer. At the end of the B part, any dancer facing down caper to the right of the dancer they face, ending facing down. If there is a dancer facing down with no facing dancer, caper around by the right to face up. A new dancer capers in to face the first dancer.

A part: 2ds, 2pb, ftj, 2ds, 2pb, ftj.
B part: ss right, x-caper, ss left, beetle squasher, us right, us left, 4 pit capers.

Ending: option 1: all caper around to face up.
option 2: caper into a set and do 4 figures.

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