The Three Musketeers

Source: Written in 2004 by Squash Beetle Morris. 

Tune:  La Marseillaise as A(AB)4 (A=figures, B=chorus). (abc pdf)

Formation: A set of 4, sticks.

Sequence: Once to Yourself, Up and out, Chorus, F-Gyp, Chorus, E-Gyp, Chorus, Pop-Tarts, Chorus.

Caller may call either vanilla or chocolate. Vanilla is default. Stick swings are in big roundhouses.

Vanilla: All move a step out from the set, tops turning to face down and bottoms turn to face up, and clash with neighbor up or down the set forehand high, forehand low; turn to face in, clash with partner forehand high, forehand low; all clash in the center forehand high, forehand low while rotating the circle clockwise 180 degrees; clash with partner forehand high, backhand high.

All face clockwise with righthands in the center of the set just touching, holding sticks. Do 2dt to rotate the set 180 degress. Turn over the right should on the hop to face counterclockwise and do 2pb ftj backing up clockwise around the circle, rotating the circle 180 degrees.

Repeat, completing the hey.

Chocolate: On the forehand high, forehand lows, either up and down or across the set, trade places with the one you are sticking with.

Ending: Face up on the last clash.

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