Privacy and Security in Data Analysis (CS685-003)

NOTE TO STUDENTS: This class (CS685-003) "Privacy and Security in Data Publishing and Data Analysis" is newly added. It will deal with some computational techniques commonly used for privacy preserving and security enhancing in data publishing and data analysis. It will cover some very new techniques and developments in this emerging area, such as privacy preserving in social network analysis and dual privacy protection. Knowledge in data mining is helpful, but not necessary.
Semester: Spring, 2017.
Class Time: MWF: 11:00AM-11:50AM.
Classroom: FP Anderson Tower 267.

Instructor: Jun Zhang,, Tel:257-3892.
Office: 321 Marksbury building.
Office Hours: MW: 9:00am - 10:00am, and by appointment.

Students must have taken at least two 500 level CS courses at the University of Kentucky before eligible for registration for this course. Students do not meet this prerequisite should meet with the instructor before a registration can be granted.

Suggested Text Book: No Formal Text Book

There is an electronic book in a zipped file, and a list of PPDM reference papers.
Data collection and data analysis have become ubiquitous in modern world. Along with this trend, the need to protect private and sensitive information in data has become an important issue.

This course will study a few state-of-the-art techniques in protecting data privacy and data security when the data is released to public or is subject to computer-based analysis, such as data mining. The contents include some of the Ph.D. thesis research results of the previous students. syllabus.

Tentative Topics