I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Kentucky.

In light of the terror and destruction of September 11th, I am moved to reach out to all I know, to want to hold fast to those I care about, to all those I know. I am moved to fear and anxiety and deep sorrow. I also fear the effects of anger. I urge all of us to temper our anger and to urge our leaders to reflect. If we strike out in anger, if we kill others to show that we will not take such violence, are we better than those who attacked us?

I am horrified by the anti-Muslim violence that is being reported in the U.S. This will not bring back the thousands who died September 11th. I urge us all to reach out to the individuals in our communities who were unwittingly and unwillingly put at risk by our desire to blame someone. Now more than ever it is necessary to build connections between individuals and communities. That, to me, is what American patriotism should mean.

My research interests are control theory for discrete stochastic processes, and structural complexity.

I am currently teaching CS 463G, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and CS 275, Discrete Math, and helping run a seminar on Uncertain Reasoning. The seminar is a working one: we read papers relevant to the projects we are involved in. The primary focus of the seminar this semester is planning with Bayes nets. We may also look at work on other related topics, possibly including construction of Bayes nets, including knowledge fusion; reasoning from probability intervals; semistructured probabilistic data, and other related and probably unrelated topics. There will be plenty of opportunities for student projects and participation. My schedule.

In February 1998, I was awarded the American Association for the Advancement of Science (junior) mentoring award, in recognition of the support I have given to people in categories underrepresented in science: women, people of color, people with learning disabilities and physical handicaps, and people choosing alternative lifestyles. It was very nice to get official recognition of the work I've done for the last many years.

When I am in Lexington, I dance with Squash Beetle Morris, I bicycle, and I also try to find time for contra dancing, ballroom dancing, Argentine tango, and swing. I will be calling the Lexington contra dance" on Friday evening, November 9th, 2001.

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Finite-Memory Policies for POMDPs

Complexity of MDP and POMDP Problems

Learning Theory

Structural Complexity Theory



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