Independent Studies and Master Projects

I accept Independent Study students (CS612) and M.Sc. project students under the following circumstances:

  1. Independent Study:

    Normally, a student needs to complete a previous regular course with me and receive grade "A". I will then suggest a topic for Independent Study. Sample past topics were: "XML and MathML", "JDBC drivers and the use of JAVA for database connectivity", "Graphical User Interface for Illustra ORDBMS", "Extension of HTML by tags for representation of chemical compounds", "Understanding JAVA Servlets, RMI, and JNI", "Study in current understanding of Cloud Computing", etc.
    I have a list of possible topics for independent studies and M.Sc. projects. The list is available to UK/CS students on demand.
    Before I accept an IS, a syllabus (in effect a prospectus of work to be done) needs to be presented. Such syllabus does not have to be long, but must clearly spell the work to be done.

    While some programming is always expected, an independent study requires an extensive information collection and presentation. Every Independent Study results in a report (of app. 10 word-processed pages, plus a possible appendix with the code when programming is involved) presenting the results of the study. It is likely that a student will have to make a presentation on the topic of IS at some seminar.

  2. Master Projects:

    Often a good project stems out of Independent Study done earlier. Projects done under my guidance included: "Data Dispatcher for Java Database Connectivity", "Implementation of JDBC driver", "Implementation of HTTPClient1.1", "Secure Distribution of Complex Data using Object-Relational Database System", "Tool for data transportation from relational to object-oriented databases", "IEUniversity: Information Extraction from University WEB Pages", "Supporting database connections to ASP solvers", and "Time management of HTML pages". Master project involves implementation of some software. A topic for Master Project is negotiated during the initial phase of the collaboration. The project results both in a report of the work, and of the implementation. It is unlikely that the write up will be shorter than 30 word-processed pages. Students search WWW and look for relevant literature to support claims in the report. The results of the implementation are published on WWW. Although I suggest topic for M.Sc. project, the student should take an anctive role in selecting a topic related to her/his interests. In conformance with Departmental regulations, the project is presented and defended publicly.

  3. Each project under my sponsorship must be certified for its originality and must carry after the title page, a separate page with the following certification:
    I, undersigned, certify that that the project reported in this document has been implemented by myself, and myself alone, and that the intellectual content of this project is my own exclusive contribution with the possible exception of the involvement of my advisor, Dr. V.W. Marek.
    I certify that the report was written by myself, and that there is no significant quotes from sources either quoted or unquoted.

Last modified: 7/15/2010