Source: Adapted in 2008 by Andy Klapper (Squash Beetle Morris).

Tune: Valentine as A(AB)4 (A=figures, B=chorus).

Tradition: Lexington-in-the-Bluegrass.

Formation: A set of 4 or 6.

Sequence: Once to Yourself, Up and out, Chorus, F-Gyp, Chorus, E-Gyp, Chorus, Pop-Tarts, Chorus.

Chorus: Each diagonal pair salute then cross.
Salutes: each starts with wave R, wave L, then (1) bow R, bow L; (2) upstep R, upstep L; (3) beetle squasher R, beetle squasher L; (4) X caper R, X caper L. All capers are in place.
Crossings: 2ds turning over the right shoulder and passing diagonal opposite by the right shoulder to end face to face in the middle, each dancer facing back toward home; continue turning over the right with 4 pit capers ending at diagonal's home and facing original home. The 2ds involve a 180 degree turn, the 4 pit capers involve a 360 degree turn. The whole thing - 2ds, 4 pit capers - should be done with a continuous motion and no pause after the 2ds.

Ending: All turn over the right shoulder with 4 pit capers

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