Lustig Zein

Source: Originally written by Laurie Andres, Claude Ginsburg, and Ken Smith of the Mossyback Morris Men, c. 1990. Adapted to Lexington-in-the-Buegrass by Squash Beetle Morris, 2005.

Tune: Lustig Zein as A(AB2C)2(AD2C)2 (A=figures, B,C,D=chorus). (abc pdf)

Tradition: Originally Bleddington, adapted to Lexington-in-the-Bluegrass.

Formation: A set of 4 or 6.

Sequence: Once to Yourself, Up and out, Chorus, F-Gyp, Chorus, E-Gyp, Chorus, Pop-Tarts, Chorus.

Chorus: Each chorus has a crossing segment then an all-together segment.

Crossing segment: Each diagonal pair in turn (for 4: 1 & 4; 2 & 3; for 6: 1 & 6; 2 & 5; 3 & 4) does 4 up steps to cross to diagonally opposite's place, then capers facing out and moving out of the set, then 2pb, ftj. Turn 180 degrees by the right on the jump to face the center. Capers are: 2 waves; 4 pit capers; 2 beetle squashers; 2 x-capers.

All-together segment: on the jump of the last crossing couple, all join in and jump into the center. Then 6 hocklebacks out of the set, ftj, 2ds into the center, 2pb ftj to home.

Ending: Replace the last ftj by 2 pit capers to face out in a circle..

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