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Practice Questions (Sentense Correction 2)

1. Hours of driving laid ahead of us.

A. laid
B. have lain
C. lay
D. has lay
E. lie

2. By the time we get to the picnic area, the rain will stop.

A. will stop
B. shall stop
C. will has stopped
D. shall have stopped
E. will have stopped

3. If Judy would not have missed the deadline, the yearbook delivery would have been on time.

A. would not have missed
B. should have not missed
C. wouldn't have missed
D. had not missed
E. would have not missed

4. We spent Sunday afternoon wandering aimless in the park.

A. wandering aimless
B. wandering aimlessly
C. wandering without purpose
D. wandering in an aimless manner
E. wandering almost aimlessly

5. Only after I went home did I remember my dental appointment.

A. went home
B. had went home
C. had gone home
D. gone home
E. should go home

6. The book lay open at page 77.

A. lay open
B. laid open
C. lied open
D. lain open
E. was laid open

7. By this time next year Johanna will begin classes at the University of Colorado.

A. will begin classes
B. will have begun classes
C. has began classes
D. should begin classes
E. should have begun classes

8. After comparing my air conditioner with the one on sale, I decided that mine was the most efficient.

A. was the most efficient.
B. should be the most efficient.
C. was the more efficient.
D. was, by far the most efficient
E. should be considered the most efficient.

9. I would have liked to have gone swimming yesterday.

A. to have gone swimming
B. to go swimming
C. to had gone swimming
D. to go to swim
E. to of gone swimming

10. I wish I read the chapter before I tried to answer the questions.

A. read the chapter
B. would read the chapter
C. should of read the chapter
D. could have read the chapter
E. had read the chapter

11. Nathanael West said that he'd never have written his satirical novel if he had not visited Hollywood.

A. have written his
B. would have written his
C. could of written his
D. could have written his
E. should of written his

12. The smell from the paper mill laid over the town like a blanket.

A. laid
B. has lain
C. will lie
D. lay
E. has laid

13. When I was halfway down the stairs, I suddenly knew what I had wanted to have said.

A. to have said
B. too say
C. to have been said
D. to had say
E. to say

14. I would be more careful if I had been you.

A. had been
B. could have been
C. was
D. were
E. could have been

15. They read where the governor has appointed a special committee to improve the school calendar.

A. where
B. how
C. that of where
D. of where
E. where-

16. In study hall I sit besides Paul Smith, who is captain of the swim team and one of the best swimmers in the state.

A. sit besides
B. sat beside
C. have set beside
D. sit beside
E. have sit beside

17. This classic has been read with enjoyment for nearly two hundred years.

A. has been read
B. will have been read
C. shall have been read
D. is being read
E. was read

18. Many nineteenth-century biographers rely on their imagination, not on real facts.

A. rely on their imagination,
B. relied on their imagination,
C. have relied on their imagination
D. could have relied on their imagination,
E. could rely on their imaginations:

19. The private lives of politicians, generals, and other notables fascinates the reading public.

A. fascinates the reading
B. have fascinated the reading
C. will fascinate the reading
D. fascinate the reading
E. has fascinate the reading

20. That small man chose a seat near the door and carefully sat down.

A. sat
B. will sit
C. could of sat
D. have sit down
E. set down

21. Last summer I worked in the chemical laboratory at the Brass Company; most the work came into the lab for testing marked with the words top priority .

A. words top priority
B. words-top priority
C. words:Top priority
D. words, “ Top Priority.”
E. Words “top priority.”

Answer Key
1. C
2. E
3. D
4. B
5. C
6. A
7. B
8. C
9. B
10. E
11. A
12. D
13. E
14. D
15. C
16. D
17. A
18. B
19. D
20. A
21. A

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