Welcome to the MultiLab!

Location: 203 EE ANNEX, 257-5256
Hours: By appointment.
Managed by the Computer Science Department
Hardware/Software maintenance: Paul Linton
Faculty in charge: Raphael Finkel


General information

The MultiLab is a collection of 25 computers originally purchased through a kind gift of IBM with matching funds from the College of Engineering. It has been upgraded a few times from various sources. This facility is intended for students in the Department of Computer Science taking classes that use the MultiLab's abilities. The computers are essentially identical general-purpose workstations. (29 Dell P4-3.2GHz dual-core with 3GB memory.) All can be booted to run Linux or Windows 7.

Login instructions for remote access to Linux Here.

The appropriate operating system depends on what class you are taking and what software you need to run. Any of the operating systems can be used to generate a ssh window to other computers. Here is a simple table of software available under each operating system.

OS Software

Linux X windows
Languages: C (gcc), C++ (g++), Perl, Tcl, python, ruby
Text formatting: troff, LaTex
Viewers: pdf (acroread, gv), dvi (xdvi)
Browser: FireFox, Chrome

Windows 7 Languages: Visual C++ 2010 .NET, Java, python
Office 2010 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
Browser: Firefox, Internet Explorer
Viewers: pdf (acroread)
Mail: Thunderbird


Access to all computers on campus is governed by the Policy Governing Access to and use of University of Kentucky Computing Resources.

Please do not leave your own files on the workstation. They are likely to disappear during machine maintenance, and cannot be accessed from any other workstation. Use your home directory (~ in Linux, Z: in Win7) to save your files.

When you are finished, please do not turn off the computer. Please do switch off the monitor using the front switch, which puts the monitor in a power-save mode. When finished with Windows 7, reboot so that the workstation will restart in Linux mode.

Some Common Procedures

To reboot to a different operating system:

If you are in Linux: Return to a text console if in X (Control-Alt-F1) and then press Control-Alt-Delete.

If you are in Windows: Press Control-Alt-Delete and select Shutdown and Restart.

As the machine reboots, there will be a screen giving you a choice of operating systems.

To log into an operating system:

Linux: Log in with your usual name and password. The system will log you in with the default window manager.

Windows 7: Log in with your username and password. The username is the same as for Linux; the password may be different. The domain is CSDEPT, *not* the machinename. Your home directory will be mounted as Z:, and the shared program directory will be mounted as Y:. To log out, use Control-Alt-Delete to get a menu from which you can select logout.

To change your Windows password:

You can change your password from Windows by typing Control-Alt-Delete and choosing the change password option. Your password must be at least six characters and cannot be the same as a previous password.