Ruigang Yang

Riugang Yang

Ph.D. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2003, Computer Science

Research Areas:

Computer graphics; computer vision; image processing; multimedia.


Associate Editor for Machine Vision and Applications.  Guest Editor for International Journal of Computer Vision.

Current Project:

Large-Scale 3D Modeling and Understanding (NSP 1.3M).  This project aims to achieve the 3D version of Google Street View.  The views are not only presented in 3D, but also augmented with semantic information, e.g., where is the winder, where is the road, etc.  It helps both humans and computers to unders what a typical image contains.



University of Kentucky
College of Engineering
Department of Computer Science
317 Davis Marksbury Building
Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0633
Office Phone: (859) 257-3886
Office Fax: (859) 323-1505
Office Hours: Sabatical (N/A)
Email: ryang 'at'

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