Grzegorz (Greg) W Wasilkowski

Grzegorz Wasilkowski


Ph.D. University of Warsaw, 1980, Numerical Analysis

Research Areas:

Computational complexity; numerical analysis.


Wasilkowski was the plenary speaker at the Monte Carlo and Quasi Monte Carlo Methods conference, Warsaw, August 2010, and at the Foundations of Computational Mathematics conference, Budapest, 2011.

Current Project:

There are important problems dealing with functions of infinitely many variables, including Stochastic ODEs, PDEs with random coefficients, and Path Integration.  Currently, Wasilkowski studies the complexity of such problems and develops efficient methods for solving them.


University of Kentucky
College of Engineering
Department of Computer Science
301 Davis Marksbury Building
Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0633
Office Phone: (859) 257-8029
Office Fax: (859) 323-1971
Office Hours: W/F 12:00-1:00
Email: greg 'at'

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