ACM Hackathon

ACMThe ACM will be hosting its semi-annual Hackathon event this Saturday, November 19th.  As per usual, this semester we will develop a video game in 12 hours.  The language will be Python, using the Pygame library.  The event will begin at 10am and take place in the Marksbury building.  All experience levels are invited!

As food will be provided, we ask that everyone attemp to RSVP so that we may purchase enough for everyone.  Please bring your own laptop to develop on.  If you are unable to bring your own computer, mention so in your RSVP so we can assist you.

Anyone interested in participating is encouraged to attend the information session Friday afternoon at 5pm.  A crash course in Python will be given at this meeting.

Feel free to contact ACM President Shaden Smith ( with any questions, comments, and RSVPs that you might have.